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Testosterone undecanoate, sold under the brand names Andriol and Aveed among others, is an androgen and anabolic steroid medication that is used mainly in the treatment of low testosterone levels in men, It is taken by mouth or given by injection into muscle.
Molar mass456.7003 g/mol
Formula: C30H48O3
AHFS/ Monograph
ATC code: G03BA03 (WHO)
Bioavailability: Oral: 3–7%; Intramuscular: high
Elimination half-life: IM (in tea seed oil): 20.9 days; IM (in castor oil): 33.9 days
Other names: TU; Testosterone undecylate; Testosterone 17β-undecanoate; ORG-538; CLR-610

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Each vial contains 1000 mg testosterone undecanoate (corresponding to 631.5 mg testosterone) in a 4-ml solution for injection (250 mg testosterone undecanoate/ml). buy testosterone cypionate 200mg online. buy testosterone injections online
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Excipients/Inactive Ingredients: Benzyl benzoate, Refined castor oil (for parenteral use).
Pharmacotherapeutic group: Androgens, 3-oxoandrosten (4) derivatives. ATC code: G03B A03.
Pharmacology: Pharmacodynamics: Testosterone undecanoate is an ester of the naturally occurring androgen, testosterone. The active form, testosterone, is formed by cleavage of the side chain.
Pharmacokinetics: Absorption: Nebido is an intramuscularly administered depot preparation of testosterone undecanoate and thus circumvents the first-pass effect. Following intramuscular injection of testosterone undecanoate as an oily solution, the compound is gradually released from the depot and is almost completely cleaved by serum esterases into testosterone and undecanoic acid. get in touch now
Distribution: In male serum, around 98% of circulating testosterone is bound to sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) and albumin. Only the unbound fraction of testosterone is considered biologically active. Following the intravenous infusion of testosterone in elderly men, the elimination half-life was approximately one hour and the apparent volume of distribution about 1.0 L/kg.
Metabolism: Testosterone which is generated by ester cleavage from testosterone undecanoate is metabolized and excreted the same way as endogenous testosterone. buy testosterone cypionate online usa
Elimination: Testosterone undergoes extensive hepatic and extrahepatic metabolism. After the administration of radiolabeled testosterone, about 90% of the radioactivity appears in the urine as glucuronic and sulphuric acid conjugates and 6% appears in the feces after undergoing enterohepatic circulation. Urinary products include androsterone and etiocholanolone.

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Method of administration: Solution for injection. buy testosterone online uk
Dosage regimen: Nebido (1 vial corresponding to 1000 mg testosterone undecanoate) is injected every 10 to 14 weeks. Injections with this frequency are capable of maintaining sufficient testosterone levels and do not lead to accumulation. buy testosterone cypionate 200mg online,
The injections must be administered very slowly. Nebido is strictly for intramuscular injection. Special care must be given to avoid intravasal injection. See Instructions for use/handling under Cautions for Usage to avoid injury when opening.
Start of treatment: Serum testosterone levels should be measured before start of treatment. The first injection interval may be reduced to a minimum of 6 weeks. With this loading dose, steady-state levels will be reached quickly. buy testosterone cypionate 200mg

Individualization of treatment: It is advisable to measure testosterone serum levels occasionally at the end of an injection interval. Serum levels below normal range would indicate the need for a shorter injection interval. In case of high serum levels an extension of the injection interval may be considered. The injection interval should remain within the recommended range of 10 to 14 weeks. buy testosterone cypionate 200mg online

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